HMD Project – Part 5

Projectors In Bits

I initially bought an Epson projector ( EMP-1700 ) on Ebay, thinking it was a single AMLCD model. It wasn’t.  But it was a compact 3LCD XGA resolution jobbie, and it was only £40.  Later I bought a broken Philips XG20 for £25 for some further bits.

My idea was to be able to use the 3LCD module as the display source, but it is bulky, and the clever prism is heavy.  I have since made progress with using a DLP light engine,  the big brother of the kind implemented in the little Samsung Pico.  These can go up to 1080p – I’ll be visiting this solution sometime in the future.

Projectors In BitsProjectors In Bits

Projectors In BitsProjectors In BitsProjectors In Bits

From this carnage, I managed to harvest a few lenses, mirrors and dichroic mirrors.

The useful bits

The useful bits

I have now taken things to bits, time to crack on and put them together.

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