I’m just a lowly IT person who has the ability of googling faster than his counterparts.

This is a small collection of links, pictures and videos.  It may, one day, become a large collection of links, pictures and videos.  I may also add words.

There may be something interesting or useful for you somewhere within.

my old microlight and I

Me and My Pegasus Flash

4 Responses to About

  1. Ghost says:

    “my old microlight and I”

    So are you still flying it or what have you got now?

  2. z says:

    hehe, the microlight is old – 1985 – but I still fly it, though somewhat infrequently nowadays; I am looking to improve this situation soon.

    With luck, I shall also soon be flying a Jabiru 3-axis,though it’s all about time management in these middle years of life.

  3. da9el says:

    “my tendency to meander and go off at tangents”

    Can I quote you?

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