HMD Project – Part 15 (My second Rift)

Still Ugly. But much much lighter.

Using 4X lenses, as my ‘Palmer Loupes’ hadn’t yet arrived.  They have now though, so I will start a design from scratch; in carbon fibre.

So, the ingredients are; set of lenses as above, a Maplins project box, an old set of ski goggles, some foam sheeting, hot glue and some gaffer tape.

On top is the guts of an old Gyration Ultra mouse; works well.

  • Lenses are held in place by hot glue
  • Goggles are bolted in place at top and hot glued on bottom
  • Unlike most others, I have left gaffer tape off the sides of this and instead fitted blinkers; this means that people with small faces (women) can still get a nice comfy fit from the goggles.  I can’t fix their IPD though.

Anyway; here we are:


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