Back from the shop

New rear bearings, new manifold gaskets… leading to new manifolds bolts… requiring the tops off… leading to new top bolts (!)… leading to new engine mounts, valley gasket, spark plugs & oil. And a full cylinder head & valve overhaul for good measure.  And the manifold cats out.   A total of 5 helicoils and a shim kit required…

After that it seemed daft not to have them fix the slipped far side window.

Thanks to money, patience and Neil & co. at Austec she purrs like a kitten and growls like a lion. And the doors close like a Golf.

The rear bearings were very very bad, silent now.. smoother. much smoother. Throttle is smoother and faster and idle is a dream.  Lift-off and overrun is much more fun and I can now play ‘feather-the-burble’!

You can’t see any of this work, mind you.  but she sure is pretty:

After Austec

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