Home Made Doner Kebab

Today I decided I wanted  a kebab for dinner.  A Doner Dinner.  It occurred to me that I had never had a home-made doner kebab before so I set about making one – just for lonely old me.

I know a little bit about making sausages (The trick is to get the balance of shoulder and belly pork right) so I thought a doner kebab couldn’t be too much harder.  After some web digging and a good article at Guardian food about how best to cook the meat pre-charring stage I went to Waitrose and bought some lamb – sadly Waitrose only do nice lamb cuts, not lamb breast which I think would have been ideal.

Anyhoo, the process is very easy indeed.

  • Grind the lamb.
  • Add the spices & breadcrumbs.
  • Mush it up and let it rest.
  • Chill it and grind it again.
  • Put it in a tin can and cook it slowly until 75 degrees in the middle.
  • Leave it alone for a while.
  • Char it, carve it and eat it.

Next time I need to find cheaper lamb cuts and leave to rest for much longer, both after initial grind and initial cook.  I will also get a broken toaster and a rotating thingy 🙂

Fucking Glorious.


The Stuff

First grind

First grind

Grated Onion

Grated Onion


Here we have the ground up cumin seeds & crushed garlic – in the scales are salt, pepper chilli powder, oregano… erm and some other stuff. About 2g each IIRC. Loads of salt though – about 5-6 grams.


100g of Breadcrumbs as per Guardian article… I didn’t even crush mine up… Rusks also work well.


Resting – all mushed up and allowed to rest for a while – and put in chiller.

Switch from big holes to little holes

Switch from big holes to little holes


Trick to getting cling film inside a tin can – wrap it around a gas canister. You can have that one.

Grind #2

Grind #2

Grind #2

Grind #2 looking and smelling fine.

Packed in tight

Packed in tight

In the Oven

In the Oven – should be about 150c give or take… Mine took about 1.5 hours taking the internal temperature every 20 minutes or so. We need to hit ~75 to be cooked n safe.

Red Cabbage

You need kebabage! I nuked this for about ~30 seconds prior to adding a little vinegar and putting in the fridge – lemon juice would have been good.


You need kebabage! I nuked this for about ~30 seconds prior to adding a little vinegar and putting in the fridge – lemon juice would have been good.

Just waiting now...

Just waiting now…just waiting

Yeah baby.

Yeah baby.

Fucking Glorious.

Fucking Glorious.

Very Late Edit.  I perfected the recipe with fatty meat and bought a real vertical grill:

10670135_10152836473760522_7437409414033343183_n 10608360_10152836473765522_3832955719603921843_o 10708650_10152836473770522_912315240905588542_o

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3 Responses to Home Made Doner Kebab

  1. p4c_m4n says:


    Do you deliver?

  2. Rina Hatano says:


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    • z says:

      All of the LOLs thanks – not my recipe! People have been doing it for thousands of years!! All I did was photo me doing it.

      I’ll check it out cheers for the post.

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