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It’s not about you and me. It’s about us.

You, Me, the trees.   The noise nature makes.. Let’s go.

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Exchange E-mail Address Policy – Force lowercase email address and change current

Since the policy grabs data from AD in whatever case it is in, you need to apply this custom prefix, which basically says Replace A for a, B for b etc %rAa%rBb%rCc%rDd%rEe%rFf%rGg%rHh%rIi%rJj%rKk%rLl%rMm%rNn%rOo%rPp%rQq%rRr%rSs%rTt%rUu%rVv%rWw%rXx%rYy%rZz You can use this with thusly: … Continue reading

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Server 2012 Windows 8 R2 Won’t boot black screen cursor BIOS update

What a crock of UEFI Shit eh ?  New fangled stuff is right n good when it works. and the info is clear to find. The shiny new BIOS will allow you to add a boot option.  The BIOS will … Continue reading

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Transporter 3D With Oculus Rift (mono) First impressions.

I stumbled upon the Transporter 3D project – on MTBS3D (where else ?) sometime around May 2013 on this thread:Transporter 3D Initial  . It seemed that the idea was too good to be true, but the principle plan – utilising … Continue reading

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New Tune

Bit happy. Bit Sad.  Drives Better. Louder, deeper more wolf to the noise and revs far more freely. Less bangs and burble though, which is surprising.

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Thunder in The Tunnels 10 (September 2013)

Some pictures from TiTT X  

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Nexus 7 2 (2nd Generation) Tablet screen out & weight

I thought I best dig a bit deeper and see if I could free the screen from the confines of the tablet. The tablet has a frame which is quite sturdy and this, along with the gorilla glass keep the … Continue reading

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Nexus 7 2 (2nd Generation) Tablet

Close up of the panel connector ribbon.  

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Home Made Doner Kebab

Today I decided I wanted  a kebab for dinner.  A Doner Dinner.  It occurred to me that I had never had a home-made doner kebab before so I set about making one – just for lonely old me. I know … Continue reading

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Weekend Flying on the Isle of Wight

The journey down was lovely, but very hazy – most of my photo’s were utter junk… The journey home was pretty horrific, but still great fun – was very blowy and very thermic, one up with little fuel didn’t help! … Continue reading

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Webdav Server 2008 r2 – System error 67 has occurred. The network name cannot be found.

Bastard. Bastard. Bastard. Round and round in circles. But at last I fixed it. In my case the fix was to change the path to the physical path from using the variable %systemroot%\ to  using simply C:\   – I guess the webdav … Continue reading

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Back from the shop

New rear bearings, new manifold gaskets… leading to new manifolds bolts… requiring the tops off… leading to new top bolts (!)… leading to new engine mounts, valley gasket, spark plugs & oil. And a full cylinder head & valve overhaul for … Continue reading

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Flight With Minnie Mouse Balloon

Some time ago, whilst flying around one day, I spotted something drifting along: upon closer inspection it turns out to be Minnie Mouse! These pictures were taken with a blackberry, which is why they aren’t great.  Trust me when I … Continue reading

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Pics of underside during diff and gear box oil change

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