HMD Project – Part 13

It’s been a while.

Whilst not quite dormant, the project has been very slow.  I have my solution and I have a working mock-up.

It works and it’s lovely  .Well… It works(ish) and it’s lovely( ish).  But sadly hasn’t changed form for several months – again due to cabling issues…. (more later)

My rough n ready ride through vintage HMD land cost money, it was very enjoyable and I learned a lot.  However, it was getting me nowhere – the industry, what’s left of it,  just doesn’t give a rats arse; they are after all, still in business.

A post by cr0sh here: made me realise this; the nail is knocked on the head:

“I would concentrate your skills on homebrewing your equipment; without documentation on these HMDs, you’re likely to end up with a pile of plastic if you continue down the experimental path you’re on”

So, with this advice, I looked at the basics:

How to create the images

How to make stereo happen

How to have it on your face

Without messing about anymore on what was done, I concentrated on what I could do.  I know I really needed 1.2-2” display panels.  This just wasn’t gonna happen, not in a decent resolution, or without serious arse ache. So, to make HD images, as small and as affordable as possible I purchased a couple of displays from Vitrolight

small AND big

By head mounted display standards these things are massive.  But they are HD (720p) and, to my surprise, are actually really good, although not a super spec, the actual images are sharp as and colour reproduction and ghosting is superb, in my humble opinion.  For the price.


Although my initial maths were a little off, more later, the concept is good and provable. Magnification is via a set of swimming goggles with a set of decent 2 Lens Convex Achromat Lenses attached.I’d say FOV is about 80 degrees.  Clarity is soup herb.  If you can take the croutons.

Stereo is via a stereo mirror; essentially two 45 degree mirrors.  simples.  I considered a more complex 4 mirror version, however added complexity in the optical path is a PITA and also, it’ll just end up with a smaller image, harder to magnify.  Big images, easy optics. that’s what I want.

I have helmets.  On the face is EASY.
As Tone pointed out, it’s just like this – but bigger!

So, why nothing solid ?  Why no videos, no build manuals no raving ?

Well… cables. I need to extend some cables, the LVDS cable between the LCD panel and the driver board… again.  I’m just not clever enough, I’m too bumbling.

Do you think you can help me with this ?

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