Pure Text – paste without formatting

I use Pure Text so much I forget I even have it.  It’s wonderful.  It’s simple and it’s free.

All it does is allow you to paste clipboard data as plain text.  I do this an awful lot, from, for example, emails, websites & PDF documents.

Why would I want to past in plain text ?  Well, it means I don’t drag all the crappy web formatting into, say, a word document, or an email.

Prior to Pure Text, I would always have a copy of notepad open and paste, then copy from that to remove formatting from copied text – Pure Text does this automagically when you paste using it’s hot key (Default WINDOWS+V)

Simply copy the tiny exe (or a shortcut to it) into your startup and it’ll always be there in your task bar to make your life easy.  It’s teeny weeny, so don’t worry about resources.  Really, it’s pathetically small.

You can get it here: http://www.stevemiller.net/puretext/

I have also uploaded it below, so that if that website ever goes away I can still find it 🙂 – I hope that’s ok Steve.


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