HMD Project – Part 15.5 (Partial Overlap)

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OK Grab your 5X Loupes!  If this is your first partial overlap test, you may like it alot!  I love it and I think it is the PROPER way to do 3D.

This is the original image I stole from Google

side by side image 100% overlap

If you resize this to 13.5cm horizontal, you can have a good 3D view holding the loupes straight.

This is a partial overlap image ~50% or so. Probably, I didn’t measure.

Partial Overlap

This image is 21cm, allowing for an IPD of just shy of ~6cm.

Line up the lenses as normal, get them in focus so the white line splitting the eyes is only JUST not visible then rotate the lenses outward a bit to blend the images. BAM! How cool is that ?  Higher FOV for free.

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