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HMD Project – Part 15.5 (Partial Overlap)

(place holder for forum discussion) OK Grab your 5X Loupes!  If this is your first partial overlap test, you may like it alot!  I love it and I think it is the PROPER way to do 3D. This is the original image I … Continue reading

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HMD Project – Part 15 (My second Rift)

Still Ugly. But much much lighter. Using 4X lenses, as my ‘Palmer Loupes’ hadn’t yet arrived.  They have now though, so I will start a design from scratch; in carbon fibre. So, the ingredients are; set of lenses as above, a Maplins … Continue reading

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HMD Project – Part 14 (My first Rift)

It’s a beast! I received some post from OzOnE2k10 (MTBS3D Forum Member) on Saturday – much to my surprise as I had missed his email saying it was en-route. Within was the cable modification I had been waiting for … … Continue reading

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HMD Project – Part 13.5 (the Oculus Rift)

Time Changes Things. It’s been about 4 months since I made any contribution to MTBS3D or my own HMD project. I have been keeping only a cursory eyeball on happenings, a glance here and a glance there.  Some months ago … Continue reading

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RunasSPC – Run a single application as another user with an encrypted password

Available from: and free for home use, this little utility is awsome. It allows you to run programs as another user, without having to type in their credentials and, most importantly, without their credentials being in plain site. It does this by creating … Continue reading

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Pure Text – paste without formatting

I use Pure Text so much I forget I even have it.  It’s wonderful.  It’s simple and it’s free. All it does is allow you to paste clipboard data as plain text.  I do this an awful lot, from, for … Continue reading

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New Install of SBS 2011 Exchange 2010 Server 2008 Users Cannot Change Their Password via OWA

In order for users on OWA or non Windows clients to change their password, Minimum Password age MUST be set to zero. Otherwise they get a not complex enough warning. This is because it is actually IIS changing the password, … Continue reading

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Script to populate AD computer object with username, PC type and time

I place the VBS in the netlogon folder and call it from within the main login script in the case of legacy systems. If using GPO based scripting, you can call it from a standalone script, or whatever you choose. … Continue reading

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Determine Session ID of current Terminal Server user via batch file

I just rattled this together for a friend, could be useful. the FOR statement MUST be on a single line to work. The first one is a bit rubbish, it determines your session ID and if Zero tells you. However, … Continue reading

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Event ID 5807 – NETLOGON (And FFMPEG, Gallery 3 & Centos)

Or why at 22:00 on a Friday night I am fucked off. I have spent all evening trying to get FFMPEG working on a Centos Server VPS, when it turned out it was there all along. (YUM: nothing to do. … Continue reading

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What is Evil Edna? (Wicked television set from Willow the Wisp)

Recently, in a picture depicting robots (where’s Wall-E?), Evil Edna can be seen, clearly out of place.  Let’s try and clarify this: What is Evil Edna ? View Poll Stats Here

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Trend Micro – Submitting a Phishing E-Mail, Web Site & Sample

A few days ago a few clients reported some phishing emails.  Although we all get these quite regularly, this one surprised me as the email managed to get through both Trend Hosted email and also Messagelabs. I regularly send phishing emails and similar … Continue reading

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Fainting Goat Kittens – Shot

This is just harmless fun. As they were being led away to the vets to be put down humanely, a man on the internet adopted two kittens with ‘Fainting Goat Syndome’.  He posted a video of them on the internet, … Continue reading

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HMD Project – Part 13

It’s been a while. Whilst not quite dormant, the project has been very slow.  I have my solution and I have a working mock-up. It works and it’s lovely  .Well… It works(ish) and it’s lovely( ish).  But sadly hasn’t changed … Continue reading

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HMD Project – Part 12

The non-controllable LCD quandary A very big thank you to everybody who helped me try and sort out the controller board on the back of the Proview, especially those over at – alas, it seems to be no more. I … Continue reading

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